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Uvicorn 0.30.0 Release

Today, we are releasing Uvicorn 0.30.0! 🎉

There were several changes here, including:

  1. Deprecate the uvicorn.workers module #2302
  2. Add a new multiprocess manager #2183
  3. Allow ConfigParser or a io.IO[Any] on log_config #1976

Deprecate the uvicorn.workers

The uvicorn.workers module is used to provide two classes: UvicornWorker and UvicornH11Worker.

These classes are used to run Uvicorn with Gunicorn e.g. gunicorn -k uvicorn.workers.UvicornWorker -w 4 main:app.

Gunicorn is a popular WSGI server that can run multiple worker processes to handle incoming requests. When used with Uvicorn, Gunicorn would act as a process manager and Uvicorn would act as the server handling the requests.

However, this approach is not recommended anymore. In this release, we also introduced a new multiprocess manager on Uvicorn's side, that is meant to replace Gunicorn entirely.

For backward compatibility, you can install the Uvicorn Worker package:

pip install uvicorn-worker

Add a new multiprocess manager

A new multiprocess manager was added to Uvicorn. The main goal is to be able to have a proper process manager that can handle multiple workers and restart them when needed.

This was a long-awaited feature, and it's finally here! 🎉

Nothing needs to be done from the users side, the changes are already in place when using the --workers parameter.

You can see more details on the the pull request #2183.

Allow ConfigParser or a io.IO[Any] on log_config

With this change, you can now pass a ConfigParser programmatically to the log_config parameter on the Uvicorn class.

import configparser
from uvicorn import Config, Server

config = Config(app=..., log_config=configparser.ConfigParser())
server = Server(config)